Shivasamudram Falls
Shivasamudram falls, Kaveri Falls, Gaganachukki, Bharachukki, Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary, Somanathapura, Mysore, Maddur, Mandya, Malavalli
Shivasamudram falls, Kaveri Falls, Gaganachukki, Bharachukki, Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary, Somanathapura, Mysore, Maddur, Mandya, Malavalli
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Shivasamudram Falls

Shivasamudram falls is located in Mandya district. It is located at a distance of 27 km from Somanathapura and 80 km from Mysore.
Shivanasamudra Falls is the second biggest waterfall in India and the sixteenth largest in the world. Shivanasamudra Falls was formerly known as the Kaveri Falls. River Kaveri divides into two branches and each branch cascades down rocky cliffs as the Gaganachukki and the Bharachukki, both are one km away from each other. These spectacular waterfalls are surrounded by hill forests of the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary.

Gaganachukki - the western falls
The Gaganachukki waterfall is 98 m tall. One can view these waterfalls from the Hydel Power viewing end or the Dargah end. People love to visit this waterfall when the Kabini River floods along with Kaveri River in the months of July and August.

One of Asia's first hydro-electric power stations is located here which was started in 1902 by Sheshadri Ayyar, diwan of Mysore. From here power was supplied to Bangalore, the first city to get power in India.

Bharachukki - the eastern falls
The Bharachukki waterfall is just about a kilometer away from the Dargah. Bharachukki has a wider falling edge. A section looks like a "U", as Niagara Falls.

Ideal time to visit Shivanasamudram Falls: Between July to November.

WARNING: Avoid swimming at Shivasamudram falls.

Distance from Shivasamudram Falls
1. Malavalli: 20 km
2. Somanathapura: 65 km
3. Mysore: 80 km
4. Maddur: 40 km
5. Mandya: 60 km
6. Bangalore: 120 km

How to get there

Nearest Airport: Bangalore

Nearest Railhead: Maddur

Road: Buses ply regularly from Mysore

Route map from Bangalore to Shivasamudram:
Bangalore - Ramanagar - Maddur - Malavalli - Rottikatte (take left) - Shivasamudram.

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