Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore
Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore, Bolara, Karnataka, Tulunadu, Hampanakatte
Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore, Bolara, Karnataka, Tulunadu, Hampanakatte
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Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore

The Mangaladevi Temple is located at Bolara in the city of Mangalore, Karnataka state. The Mangaladevi temple is situated just about 3km from southwest of Mangalore city centre. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mangaladevi.

The Mangaladevi temple of Mangalore dates back to 9th century and has given the Mangalore town its name.

Goddess Mangaladevi

Goddess Mangaladevi

Kundavarma, the most renowned king of Ahepa dynasty, was ruling Tulunadu. During his tenure, two holy saints Machendranatha and Gorakanatha belonging to the Natha cult visited Mangalapura by crossing river Nethravathi. The place where they crossed the river came to be known as 'Gorakdandi'. They selected a spot nearby the bank of Netravathi, which was once the centre of activities of sage Kapila.

Kundavarma came to know about the saints and came to meet them. He introduced himself, paid them his respects and offered the saints help and patronage. Pleased with the humility and qualities of the king, they advised the king that the kingdom needed to be sanctified. They asked the king to donate them land so that they could build a hermitage and make it a centre for their spiritual activities under his protection and patronage.

For King Kundavarma it was certainly a surprise to know that his land had such a ancient history. The saints informed the king that once upon a time there was a holy temple in his land and it was dedicated to goddess Mangaladevi. The two holy saints took the king to the location where this entire historical incident had taken place. They requested the king to dig the land and relieve the Linga and the Dharapatra representing Mangaladevi and establish them in a shrine along with Nagaraja for the protection. A grand shrine of Sri Mangaladevi was built on the hallowed place as per the instructions of two saints.

Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore

Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore

Festivals celebrated at Mangaladevi Temple, Mangalore

Navaratri is celebrated with great devotion and special poojas offered on all nine days. Goddess Mangaladevi is worshipped as Sharadamba on seventh day and on the eighth day the goddess Mangaladevi is worshipped as Maarikamba. The Aayuda pooja is performed on eight day by worshipping all the weapons and tools as the day marks the slaying of the cruel demons by the goddess Durga. The ninth day also known as Mahanavmi, a large number of devotees participates in the Rathothsava.

Postal Address:
Mahatobhara Shri Mangaladevi Temple
Mangalore - 575 001.

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Mangalore

Nearest Railhead: Mangalore

Road: Mangalore well connected with road network.

Reaching the temple:
The Mangaladevi temple is situated at a distance of just 3 km from heart of Mangalore city, Hampanakatte. Frequent buses are available to the temple. Auto rickshaws are also available for personal transportation.

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