Kaivara, Karnataka, Chintamani, Chikkaballapura, Kaivara Thathayya, Narayanappa, Kaalagnana, Amaranarayana Temple, Aranya Rama Temple, Bheemeswara Temple, Demon Bakasura, Narayanappa Mutt, Yoganarasimha swamy, Kailasagiri
Kaivara, Karnataka, Chintamani, Chikkaballapura, Kaivara Thathayya, Narayanappa, Kaalagnana, Amaranarayana Temple, Aranya Rama Temple, Bheemeswara Temple, Demon Bakasura, Narayanappa Mutt, Yoganarasimha swamy, Kailasagiri
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Kaivara is a small town and one of the important pilgrimage centers in Karnataka. Kaivara is located in Chintamani Taluk of Chikkaballapura district in Karnataka. It is located about 70 km far from Bangalore. This place is historically significant.

Kaivara, beautiful town is located in a picturesque valley and the temperature fluctuates between 18 and 23 degrees Celsius. The climate is salubrious at Kaivara. It rains here mainly during September - October. The rain is usually a heavy downpour. In fact, this place gives the impression of a hill resort.

As per the great Indian Epic, Mahabharatha, the Pandavas lived here during the exile in the forest (Vanavasa). It is also believed that during this period, Bhima, one of the Pandavas killed demon Bakasura in this place. During the Dwaparayuga this town was known as Ekachakrapura.

Narayanappa a famous saint who is popularly known as Kaivara Thathayya in Kannada and Telugu had lived here during the last part of the eighteenth century and the early nineteenth century. The city derives its name from the famous bilingual poet. Narayanappa has written number of prophecies about forthcoming events Kaalagnana. He has also written poems in praise of the Lord Amara Narayanaswamy, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, both in Kannada and Telugu languages.

An ashram dedicated to Narayanappa (Kaivara Thathayya) is a famous pilgrimage and every year thousands of pilgrims visit this place. It has quickly became a tourist spot now.

Important places to visit at Kaivara

Amaranarayana Temple: This is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The architecture of the temple is attractive. The temple has four sculpted stone pillars carved with finely sculpted motifs. This constitutes the Navrang Mandapa. The idol was installed here by the king Vishnuvardhan who belonged to the Hoysala dynasty.

Aranya Rama Temple: This temple is located very near to the Amaranarayana temple and this shrine is dedicated to Lord Rama, where he resides with his wife Sita devi and brother Lakshmana.

Bheemeswara Temple: As per the legend, Bheema killed the Demon Bakasura when the Pandavas were in exile here. To honor this deed a temple was built here for Bheema which is the Bheemeswara Temple.

Narayanappa Mutt: An ashram dedicated to the famous saint and Telugu/Kannada composer and writer Narayanappa (1730-1840 AD). As per the legend, the saint was initially a bangle seller. There after he got his call and dedicated his life to sainthood writing and composing many literary works some of which are the famous 'Amaranarayana Shathaka and 'Kaalagnana'.

Many social, religious and philanthropic activities are undertaken by the Management of the Ashram. Provision of free meals to pilgrims and accommodation at very nominal rates are some of these activities. The authorities also conduct mass marriages between June and December.

Many social, religious and charitable activities are undertaken by management of the ashram. Free meals to pilgrims, accommodation at reasonable rates to the pilgrims are provided here. The authorities also conduct mass marriages every year.

Yoganarasimha swamy Temple: This temple is at a distance of about one kilometer from the Mutt on a small hill called Vaikunta. This is the place where was Narayanappa on meditation for over three years. Narayanappa The statue is of Narayanappa is also located here. A prayer room is beautiful in the temple which is huge and boasts an excellent view over the hills and valleys. It is an ideal place for meditation.

Apart from this there is a beautiful park maintained by the forest department of Karnataka. Kaivara is an ideal place to visit during the weekend as it is very near to Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka.

If you have enough time to spend, then visit Kailasagiri, which is about 7-8 km away from Kaivara.

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