Galibore Fishing Camp
Galibore, Galibore Fishing Camp, Bangalore, Bheemeshwari, Wild elephants, Sangam, Mekedaatu, Simsha waterfalls
Galibore, Galibore Fishing Camp, Bangalore, Bheemeshwari, Wild elephants, Sangam, Mekedaatu, Simsha waterfalls
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Galibore Fishing Camp

Galibore is calm and scenic place where fish are found in large quantity. Galibore is situated on the banks of river Kaveri near Sangam. Galibore is located at a distance of 95 km from Bangalore and 16 km from Bheemeshwari.
Galibore is located in a wilderness of gigantic Terminalia arjuna trees, with the river flowing in front, and the hills on either side of the river. Wild elephants frequently come to the banks of the river to drink water. There is a great barbecue corner around which you can have beer while the meat is grilled.

Galibore is very popular fishing camp and commercial fishermen visit the camp during the season. Anglers bring along their tackles and gear to hook the Mighty Mahseer Fish. As a general rule, they should strictly adhere to the "catch and release" sport fishing policy, which involves releasing back the Mahseer, an endangered species, into the river after taking its photographs, weight etc.

Best season to visit Galibore is between December and April.

Accommodations are available at Galibore.
Galibore Fishing & Nature Camp has only 10 tented cottages. These cottages are eco-friendly and built on concrete platforms with modern attached baths.

The nearby places to visit are Bheemshwari, Sangam, Mekedaatu and Simsha waterfalls.

Distance from Galibore:
Bangalore: 95 km
Bheemeshwari: 16 km
Muttatti: 6 km
Sangam: 9 km

How to get there:

Nearest Airport: Bangalore

Nearest Railhead: Mandya, Bangalore
Road: Galibore is accessible by Road. One can reach Galibore from Bangalore via Kanakapura and Halagur.

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